What is Thyreus Narendrani?

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Recently, researchers from Kerala has been discovered a new species of cuckoo bee from the Kole wetlands and named it Thyreus narendrani.

About Thyreus Narendrani:

  • The new species belongs to the family Apidae of the order Hymenoptera.
  • The genus Thyreus consists of cuckoo bees or cleptoparasitic bees.
  • Cuckoo bees parasitise the nest of other bees by breaking and entering and laying their eggs.
  • Unlike other female bees, cuckoo bees lack pollen-collecting structures.
  • Once the cuckoo bee’s larva hatches out in the nest of the host bee, it consumes the food stored by the host for its own growing larva.

Key facts about Kole wetland

  • It is the largest brackish, humid tropical wetland ecosystem located in the state of Kerala.
  • Extending from the northern bank of Chalakudy River in the south to the southern bank of Bharathapuzha River in the north
  • It is situated in the central Asian Flyway of migratory birds. 


Q1)What is a wetland ecosystem?

A wetland is a place in which the land is covered by water—salt, fresh, or somewhere in between—either seasonally or permanently. 

Source: Researchers discover new cuckoo bee in Kerala