What is Cnemaspis Vangoghi?

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Scientists from the Thackeray Wildlife Foundation in India recently discovered a new species of lizard named Cnemaspis vangoghi.

About Cnemaspis Vangoghi

  • It is a new species of lizard discovered from the Southern Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu.
  • Cnemaspis vangoghi is named for Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853–1890), as the striking colouration of the new species is reminiscent of one of his most iconic paintings, The Starry Night.
  • It is described as a small-sized gecko, reaching up to 3.4 cm in length.
  • It has a distinctive yellow head and forebody, adorned with light blue spots on the back.
  • This lizard prefers living among rocks and can occasionally be found on buildings and trees.
  • Alongside Cnemaspis vangoghi, another species named Cnemaspis sathuragiriensis was identified, named after its type locality, the Sathuragiri Hills.
  • Both species inhabit low-elevation, deciduous forests within the Srivilliputhur-Megamalai Tiger Reserve, adding to the five previously known endemic vertebrates of the region.
  • These diurnal creatures are mainly active during the cooler hours of early morning and evening, predominantly found on rocks.
  • Their restricted localities present an intriguing case of micro-endemism in low-elevation species.
  • Micro-endemism refers to a phenomenon in ecology and biogeography where a species or a group of species are restricted to a very small geographic area, often on the scale of a few square kilometers or even less. 

Q1) What are Deciduous Forests?

A deciduous forest is a biome dominated by deciduous trees which lose their leaves seasonally. The Earth has temperate deciduous forests, and tropical and subtropical deciduous forests, also known as dry forests.

Source: A starry night: New lizard species discovered in India named after Van Gogh