Neelakurinji Flower Blooms

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Prelims: Environment & Ecology
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Why in news?

  • According to the recent orders, those who uproot or destroy the plant will invite a fine of ₹25,000 and three years imprisonment. The cultivation of this and its possession is not allowed, 
  • Neelakurinji has been included on the list when the Centre expanded the earlier protected list of six plant species to 19.

About Neelakurunji

  • Neelakuruj is scientifically known as Strobilanthus Kunsthaus, 
  • It is a shrub that grows in the shola forests of the Western Ghats in South India.
  • The plant is named after the famous Kunthi River which flows through Kerala’s Silent Valley National Park, where the plant occurs abundantly.
  • It is found at an altitude of 1,300-2,400 metres.
  • This flower blooms once in 12 years as the pollination of flowers needs a longer period.
  • It is mainly found in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

 The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

  • This act was enacted for the protection of plants and animal species
  • Also, this act established schedules of protected plant and animal species; hunting or harvesting of these species was largely outlawed.


Q1) Is Neelakurinji flower endemic to Western ghats?

All Neelakurunji flowers are endemic to Shola forests of western ghats. 

Source: Centre puts Neelakurinji on the list of protected plants.