Silvopasture systems

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In light of the global deterioration of natural resources and forests, silvopasture systems offer a relevant solution to deforestation trends.

About Silvopasture system: 


  • It is an ancient and proven practice that harmoniously integrates trees, forage and livestock on the same land.
  • Advantages
    • This system buffer against temperature and wind extremes, providing a favourable living environment for livestock.
    • Carbon sinks: The trees on silvopasture lands act as natural carbon sinks, sequestering significantly five-10 times more carbon then pastures without trees, all while maintaining or enhancing productivity.
    • Nutrient cycling: The extensive root systems of trees within silvopasture plots contribute to nutrient cycling, improved soil stability and quality, while effectively combating erosion.
    • Also this system combine trees and livestock on the same land, silvopasture can play a vital role in reversing the negative trend of deforestation for pasture land. 
    • It also regulates local climatic conditions, buffering against temperature and wind extremes, providing a favourable living environment for livestock.
    • Soil infiltration rates in silvopasture systems surpass those of open pastures, enhancing water storage potential.


What is Nutrient cycling?

  • The nutrient cycle is a system where energy and matter are transferred between living organisms and non-living parts of the environment.
  • This occurs as animals and plants consume nutrients found in the soil, and these nutrients are then released back into the environment via death and decomposition.
  • In forest environments, there is an exchange of nutrient elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen among the soil, plants and animals living within the environment.


Q1) What are Carbon sinks?

Carbon sinks are natural or artificial reservoirs that absorb and store carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. They play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change by helping to balance the carbon cycle.


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