New Coral Snake Species

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Researchers from Mizoram University’s zoology department have discovered a new species of coral snake in Mizoram

About New coral snake species

  • It has been named Sinomicrurus gorei after British Indian doctor Gore.
  • The reptile is locally known as 'Rulṭhihna' due to its striking resemblance to a Mizo traditional amber necklace called 'Ṭhihna'.
  • There are a total of nine species of Sinomicrurus coral snakes that have been discovered worldwide, and out of these, only one species called Sinomicrurus macclellandi is found in Northeast India.
  • It has unique patterns and different scales, hemipenis, DNA, and skull.
  • Until this research, Sinomicrurus gorei was considered the same species as Sinomicrurus macclellandi due to their close resemblance.
  • The new study also revealed that while Sinomicrurus macclellandi can lay 6-14 eggs at a time, Sinomicrurus gorei lays up to three eggs.
  • In Mizoram, Sinomicrurus macclellandi is primarily found in hilly or elevated areas, while Sinomicrurus gorei is found in both low-lying and hilly areas.

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Source: Researchers from Mizoram University discover new coral snake species