Dwarf Boa

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Scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf boa in the Ecuadoran Amazon and named it after an Indigenous activist.

About  Dwarf Boa:

  • Dwarf boa belongs to the family Tropidophiidae living high in the cloud forests of northeastern Ecuador.
  • The species is unusual for having a "vestigial pelvis" characteristic of primitive snakes and taken as evidence by some that snakes descended from lizards that lost their limbs over millions of years.
  • Its habitat includes tropical piedmont and lower evergreen montane forests.
  • Characteristics:
    • The snake is alight brown in coloration with noticeable black blotches on the belly and muted blotches running down the back.
    • Dark brown pigmentation is found through the center of the head.


Q1) What is Vestigial structure? 

Vestigial structures are rudimentary body parts that are smaller and simpler than the corresponding features possessed by the other members of a biological group.

Source: New dwarf boa found in Ecuadoran Amazon