Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Two rare species of butterflies were recently found during a survey conducted by the Forest Department in Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location: It is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Earlier, it was the hunting ground for the royal family members of Holkars, as it had a huge population of tigers, leopards, and deer.
  • Established in 1989, this sanctuary is spread over an area of 5 square kilometres.
  • Landscape: Rolling hills, lush green forests, and sparkling streams.
  • The River Narmada graces the sanctuary with its presence.
  • At the top of it is an ancient palace built by the Holkars in 1905, which was primarily used as a hunting hut, also known as shikargah (hunting lodge).
  • Flora: Among the many prominent plant species present in the sanctuary are Teak, Rinjha, Khair, Palash, Ghatbor, Saaja, Aster, Ber, Babool, Samal, Chirol, Neem, Khajoor, Bekal, Bamboo, etc.
  • Fauna:
  • Major animal species found here include Black Buck, Cheetals, Chinkara, Blue Bull, Striped Hyena, Wild Boars, Porcupine, Fox, Jackal, and Bhedki (Barking deer).
  • It is famous for its many avifauna species, most of which migrate here during the winter season.

Q1: Which are the major tributaries of Narmada River?

Its principal tributaries are the Burhner, the Halon, the Heran, the Banjar, the Dudhi, the Shakkar, the Tawa, the Barna ,the Kolar, the Ganjal, the Beda, the Goi, and the Orsang.

Source: Indore: Butterfly Survey Reveals Two Rare Species At Ralamandal