Indian Black Turtle

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Recently, the Marakkanam police seized 46 live Indian Black Turtles ( Melanochelys trijuga ) from two persons who were allegedly smuggling them on a two-wheeler, from neighbouring Puducherry.

About Indian Black Turtle:

  • The Indian black turtle is a medium-sized found across the Indian subcontinent. 
  • It is an aquatic species, mainly associated with standing water bodies, sometimes rivers.
  • The species is an omnivore, consuming both aquatic macrophytes and invertebrates.
  • The species shows a crepuscular to a nocturnal lifestyle, with individuals seen foraging after dark along the edges of water bodies.
  • The distribution in India includes the hill ranges of the Western Ghats, south of Gujarat, and the southeast coast, and then a separate disjunct distribution in northern and northeastern India.
  • Conservation status:
    • ​​​​​​​ IUCN: Least concern


Q1) What is special about the Olive Ridley Turtle?

The olive ridley turtle is the most abundant sea turtle species in the world1 and is known for its mass nesting aggregations called arribadas.These are believed to be long-lived much like other sea turtles.

Source: 46 live Indian Black Turtles seized in Villupuram district, two held