‘Odd-Even’ Vehicle Rationing Scheme

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‘Odd-Even’ Vehicle Rationing Scheme Blog Image


After implementing a series of anti-pollution measures to control the plummeting air quality index (AQI) in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party government is also considering bringing back the ‘odd-even’ vehicle rationing scheme.

About ‘Odd-Even’ Vehicle Rationing Scheme:

  • ‘Odd-even’ was first introduced in 2016 by the AAP government to control vehicular pollution and bring down increasing particulate matter levels.
  • Under it, private vehicles with registration plates ending in odd numbers could ply on odd dates, and even numbers on even dates.
  • Studies and research done on its impact in Delhi suggest positive results — from reduction in congestion to a slight drop in pollution levels and consequent improvement in air quality.
  • According to a study done by Delhi Technological University (DTU) published in 2016, when the scheme was implemented for a roughly two-week period, concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 1 saw a drop.
  • Studies have also shown that on an average, there was a reduction in PM 2.5 of 5.73 per cent and 4.70 per cent in PM 1 levels. 

Source : Indian Express