What is Silver cockscomb?

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The Soliga tribal community uses silver cockscomb, which is often considered to be a weed but has been discovered to have advantages.

About Silver cockscomb: 


  • It is a short-lived 50-60 cm-tall plant considered as a weed, that bears simple, spirally arranged leaves around the stem with pinkish or silky white flowers.
  • In Karnataka’s Chamarajanagara district the silver cockscomb is referred to as anne soppu.
  • Also known as lagos spinach which belongs to the Amaranthaceae family, which includes economically important plants like spinach (Spinacia oleracea), beetroot and quinoa.
  • The plant is known as Celosia argentea, kurdu in Marathi and pannai keerai in Tamil.
  • It grows well even on fallow land and in drought-like conditions.
  • Its leaves have lower levels of oxalic acid and phytic acid.
  • Benefits
    • Soligas use it as a nutritious leafy green vegetable, as it is high in nutrients such as beta-carotene and folic acids, and have vitamin E, calcium and iron.
    • It is frequently used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for treating eye diseases and ulcers.


Who are Soligas?

  • They are an indigenous tribe of Karnataka,
  • They reside in the peripheral forest areas near Biligiri Rangana Hills and Male Mahadeshwara in the Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka.
  • They are the first tribal community living inside the core area of a tiger reserve in India to get their forest rights officially recognised by a court of law.


Q1) What are Micronutrients?

Micronutrients are essential nutrients required by living organisms, including humans, in small quantities for proper growth, development, and various physiological functions.

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