Gandak River

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Two shilas (stones), around seven feet long and weighing over 350 tonnes, from Nepal’s Kali Gandaki river are set to arrive at Ayodhya, where they will be used to carve the idol of Lord Ram, said the priests from Janaki temple (Janakpur), Nepal.

About Gandak River

  • It is one of the major rivers in Nepal and India. 
  • It is also known as the Kali Gandaki and Narayani after the confluence with Trisuli river in Nepal. 
  • It is a north bank tributary of the Ganga in India.
  • Origin: It rises at 7620 m in Tibet near the Nepal border.
  • It flows southwest into India and then turns southeast along the Uttar Pradesh–Bihar state border and across the Indo-Gangetic Plain. 
  • It enters the Ganga River opposite Patna.
  • The largest hydroelectricity project in Nepal is located along this stretch of the river.


Q1) Where does Kali Gandaki river originates from?

The Kali Gandaki starts at the north of Tibetan plateau of the Himalayas in the Mustang District of Nepal, near the Tibetan border.

Source: Nepal temple prepares to gift 350-tonne stones to build Ram statue in Ayodhya