Green Crackers

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Only green firecrackers will be sold in the Delhi for Diwali, in accordance with the Supreme Court (SC) orders.

About Green Crackers:

  • Green crackers are low-emission crackers, free of harmful chemicals such as sulphur, nitrates, arsenic, magnesium, sodium, lead, and barium, which reduce the emission of up to 30%.
  • Emit noise in the range of 100-130 deciBels.
  • Come with a green logo and Quick Response (QR) code to differentiate from conventional firecrackers.
  • The crackers developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) falls under three categories:
    • SWAS:
      • SWAS is safe water releaser, which suppresses the dust released by releasing water vapour in the air. It does not comprise potassium nitrate and sulphur and the particulate dust released will reduce approximately by 30 per cent.
    • STAR:
      • STAR is the safe thermite cracker, which does not comprise potassium nitrate and sulphur, emits reduced particulate matter disposal and reduced sound intensity. 
    • SAFAL:
      • SAFAL is safe minimal aluminium which has minimum usage of aluminium, and used magnesium instead. It ensures reduction in sound in comparison to traditional crackers.

Conventional firecrackers:

  • Composed of charcoal or thermite in combination with oxidizing agents such as nitrates or chlorates, sulfur agents, and coloring agents.
  • Include salts of strontium, sodium, barium, calcium, and copper as well as white metals, which produce more particulate matter (PM).
  • Emit sound between 160-200 deciBels.


Source : Indian Express