New Millipede species

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Recently, a new species of millipede has been discovered crawling underneath the city of Los Angeles in the United States.

About Millipede species: 


  • The newly found species is a thread Millipede.
  • It is about the length of a paperclip but skinny as pencil lead.
  • Its scientific name is Illacme socal.
  • It is translucent and sinuous like a jellyfish tentacle.
  • The creature burrows four inches below ground, secretes unusual chemicals and is blind.
  • It relays on hornlike antennas protruding from its head to find its way.


Key facts about Millipede:

  • These are member of the arthropod class Diplopoda.
  • They are cylindrical or slightly flattened invertebrates.
  • The word “millipede” translates to “a thousand feet”—but while millipedes have many feet, none of them quite have a thousand.
  • Their bodies are split into a number of segments, and each segment has two sets of legs that attach to the body's underside. 
  • Diet: It is a detritivore, which means that it eats dead organic matter in the earth like damp wood pieces, decayed leaves, and other materials that naturally exists in their moist habitat underground.


Q) What is detritivore?

A detritivore is an organism that feeds on dead and decaying organic matter, such as dead plants, animals, and other organic debris. These organisms play a crucial role in the ecosystem by breaking down and decomposing dead material, which helps to recycle nutrients back into the environment.


Source: Blind and gloosy with 486 legs: New millipede species discovered