Ruddy Shelduk

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The first batch of about 50 members of the Ruddy Shelduk, popularly known as ‘Surkhab’ birds, arrived in Uttarakhand for a six month winter stay.

About Ruddy Shelduk

  • It (Tadorna ferruginea) belongs to the family Anatidae under the order Anseriformes.
  • In India it is known as the Brahminy duck.
  • It is distributed in Europe, Asia, Indian Subcontinent and a few pockets in Africa. These ducks are migratory birds.
  • They winter in the Indian Subcontinent, South India and Southeast Asia.
  • They inhabit large wetlands, salt lakes, crater lakes, rivers with mud flats and shingle banks.
  • It is a mainly nocturnal bird.
  • It is omnivorous and feeds on grasses, the young shoots of plants, grain and water plants as well as both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.
  • They are no sitting ducks; they scale the mighty Himalayas when flying to India from the north attaining heights of 6,800 metres.
  • Conservation status

o IUCN : Least Concern

Q1: What is Omnivorous?

It is used to describe organisms that have a diet consisting of a wide variety of both plant and animal matter. Omnivores are capable of consuming and digesting both plant-based and animal-based foods.

Source: Surkhab birds arrive at Uttarakhand for winter stay