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Recently, The Assam Cabinet approved the construction of elephant underpasses in 7 jumbo corridors between Azara and Kamakhya railway stations along the boundary of Deepor Beel.


  • Deepor Beel is a permanent freshwater lake and also a bird sanctuary in Kamrup district, Assam.
  • It is a riverine wetland, lying in a former channel of the Brahmaputra River, it lies to the south of the main river channel.
  • It was designated as a Ramsar site in 2002 for sustaining a range of aquatic life forms besides 219 species of birds and it is the only Ramsar site in Assam.
  • This lake is a staging site on migratory flyways and some of the largest concentrations of aquatic birds in Assam can be seen, especially in winter. 
  • Some globally threatened birds are supported, including Spot-billed Pelican, Lesser Greater Adjutant Stork and Baer's Pochard.
  • The 50 fish species present provide livelihoods for many surrounding villages, and nymphaea nuts and flowers, as well as ornamental fish, medicinal plants, and seeds of the Giant water lily Euryale Ferox, provide major revenue sources in local markets.
  • In 2021, the Environment Ministry notified it as an Eco-sensitive zone.


Q1) Where is Majuli Island?

The geographical region of Majuli is North-East of India. It is a part of the vast dynamic river system of the Brahmaputra basin.

Source: Assam approves road underpasses in jumbo corridors