Batillipes Chandrayaani

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A new species of marine tardigrade discovered from the southeast coast of Tamil Nadu has been named Batillipes chandrayaani after the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission by researchers at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat).

About Batillipes Chandrayaani

  • It has been discovered in the intertidal beach sediments at Mandapam in Tamil Nadu.
  • Features
  • It is similar in size to other tardigrades, it grows to a length of 0.15 millimetres and 0.04 millimetres in width.
  • It has a trapezoid-shaped head and four pairs of legs with sharp-tipped sensory spines. Both sexes are similar in terms of morphology and size.
  • It is also the 39th species described under the genus Batillipes.

What are Tardigrades?

  • These are microscopic marvels commonly known as ‘water bears,’
  • Marine tardigrades account for 17% of all known tardigrade species. They are also found in all the oceans.
  • Despite their tiny physiques, these micro-metazoans easily rank among the hardiest animals, enduring mass extinctions and are highly regarded for their survival skills.

Q1: What is Phylum?

A phylum is a taxonomic ranking that consists of organisms that share a unique set of characteristics.

Source: New tardigrade species named after Chandrayaan-3 mission