Mekedatu Reservoir Project

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Environmentalists recently advocated for the revival of the raja kaluve network and dead lakes in Bengaluru to resolve the city’s drinking water problem instead of moving ahead with the Mekedatu Reservoir Project.

About MekedatuResrvoir Project:


  • The Mekedatumulti-purpose (drinking and power) project involves building a balancing reservoir near Kanakapura in Ramanagara district of Karnataka.
  • It is 4 km from the Tamil Nadu border and 100 km from Bengaluru.
  • The estimated Rs 9,000-crore project, once completed, is aimed at ensuring drinking water to Bengaluru and neighbouring areas (4.75 TMC) and it can also generate 400 MW of power.
  • Named after the village where the project is expected to be constructed, the reservoir will have a capacity of 284,000 million cubic feet (TMC).
  • The project is proposed at the confluence of Cauvery with its tributary Arkavathi. 
  • Issue:
    • Tamil Nadu — the lower riparian state — has claimed that the project is against the interest of the state’s water requirement.
    • The lower riparian state has to give its no-objection for any project that comes up on the Cauvery as per the Cauvery tribunal and Supreme Court order


Q1) When was Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) constituted?

The Government of India constituted the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) on June 2, 1990, to adjudicate the water dispute between the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Puducherry with respect to the inter-state Cauvery water and river basin.

Source: Revive Bengaluru’s raja kaluves instead of Mekedatu project: Environmentalists