Pedicularis Revealiana

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Recently, scientists from the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) Prayagraj Centre have discovered a new plant species Pedicularis Revealiana, in the state of Sikkim.

About Pedicularis Revealiana: 


  • It is unique among all Pedicularis species.
  • It is stout and woody stems, bears minute flowers of pinkish-purple colour.
  • It is a hemiparasitic plant species.
  • Along with making its own food, it has the ability to gather nutrients from the roots of trees and plants located nearby.
  • This new flora is found in remote forests, which are covered with snow for most of the year.
  • This genus includes about 677 species worldwide, of which 82 species, 13 subspecies and nine varieties have been reported so far in India.
  • Pendicularis revealiana is the 83rd species reported by the botanists and the plant is commonly known as a perennial herb.


Key Facts about Botanical Survey of India

  • It is the apex taxonomic research organization of the country which is under the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.
  • It was established on 13thFebruary 1890 under the direction of Sir George King.
  • The mandate of the organization has been broaden to biosystematics research, floristic studies, documentation, databasing of National Botanical collection, digitization of herbarium specimens etc.
  • Headquarter: Kolkata


Q1) What is a Hemiparasitic plant?

Hemiparasitic plants, also known as partial or semi-parasitic plants, are a unique group of plants that exhibit a form of parasitism, but they are not fully dependent on their host for survival and these plants are capable of photosynthesis to some extent, producing their food.

Source: BSIP scientists discover new species of flower from Sikkim