Key Facts about Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso's security and intelligence services foiled a coup attempt recently.

About Burkina Faso:

  • It is a landlocked country in western Africa.
  • Borders:  It is bounded by Niger to the east, Mali to the north and west, and BeninTogoGhana, and Ivory Coast to the south. 
  • Capital: Ouagadougou
  • Burkina Faso, previously known as Upper Volta, was once part of French West Africa since 1896. Igained independence from France in 1960.
  • Geography:
    • It is predominantly characterized by savannahs, plateaus, and low mountains in the southwest.
    • The northern region, known as the Sahel, is arid and desert-like.
  • Languages:
    • The official language of Burkina Faso is French, which is used in government and education.
    • There are many indigenous languages spoken throughout the country, with Moore (Mossi) being one of the most widely spoken.
  • The economy is largely based on agriculture, which employs over 80% of the workforce.
  • Government: It is a republic with a presidential system of government. It has experienced political transitions and changes in leadership over the years.


Q1) What is a Coup?

A coup, short for "coup d'état," is a sudden and often violent overthrow of a government, typically carried out by a faction within the military or other governmental institutions. Coups can also involve civilian groups, political parties, or other individuals conspiring to seize power unlawfully. The objective of a coup is to replace the existing government, often against the wishes of the government's leaders or without their consent.

Source: Burkina Faso junta says it foiled coup attempt