Prelims: World Geography

by Vajiram & Ravi

Papua New Guinea
Mayon volcano
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
Baltic Nations
Key Facts about Ural River
Key facts about Black Sea
Key facts about Cabo Verde
Partial Solar Eclipse
Mount Semeru Volcano
Macquarie Island
Butterfly EcoPark
Ibu Volcano
Noctis Volcano
What is Kawah Ijen?
Singhbhum Craton
Key Facts about North Sea
Orkney Islands
Anak Krakatau volcano
Key Facts about East China Sea
Key Facts about Madagascar
Key Facts about Lake Titicaca
Key Facts about Mauritius
Gulf of Aden
Key Facts about Bab-el-Mandeb Strait
Key Facts about Rhine River
What was a Megaraptor?
What is Zealandia?
Cam Ranh Bay
Takeshima Island
Key Facts about South China Sea
Gulf of California
Volcanic Vortex Rings
Murmansk Port
Key Facts about Burkina Faso
Galapagos Islands
Qiantang River
Key facts about Turkey
Key Facts about Papua New Guinea
What is the Inner Core of the Earth?
What is Karman Line?
Key Facts about Persian Gulf
Mount St Helens
Galapagos Islands
Key Facts about Tuvalu
Key facts about Tanzania
What is a Heat Dome?
Key Facts about Panama Canal
Taylor Glacier
Chavin de Huantar
What are Geomagnetic Storms?
Baltic Sea
Senkakau Islands
Sahel Region
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Mediterranean Sea
Key Facts about Salton Sea
October Storms
What are Sungrazing Comets?
What is the Earth’s innermost inner core?
Key Facts about Taiwan Strait
Key Facts about Thames River
High Atlas Mountains
Gaziantep Castle
Key Facts about Dead Sea
Lake Retba
International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC)
Grand Cross of the Order of Honour
Shiveluch Volcano
Key facts about Belarus
Phreatomagmatic eruption
Key Facts about Baltic Sea
About Solomon Islands
What is Zealandia?
Sargasso Sea
Phukot Karnali Hydro Electric Project
Key Facts about Amazon River
Who are Yanomami People?
Mount Vinson
What is a Soda Lake?
South East Africa Montane Archipelago (SEAMA)
Aral Sea
Key Facts about Shan State
Jacaranda Bloom
Kamchatka Peninsula
Key Facts about Gulf of Guinea
Key Facts about Golan Heights
Marshall Islands
Mt Vesuvius
Taiwan Strait
What is the Grand Canyon?
Lake Victoria
Andriamamelo Cave
Afanasy Nikitin Seamount
Southern Ocean
Key Facts about Yellow Sea
Key Facts about Bolivia
Tidally Locked Planet
Klyuchevskoy volcano
Key Facts about Niger
What is the Ring of Fire?
Green Turtle
Key Facts about Red Sea
Key Facts about Congo River
The Andes Mountains
Key Facts about Bering Sea
Chabahar Port
Bab al-Mandab strait
Key Facts about Gulf of Oman
Key facts about Morocco
What is Cyclone Freddy?
Eastern Maritime Corridor (EMC)
What is the Sinai Peninsula?
Mount Etna
Key facts about Sudan
Key Facts about Dnieper River
Mauna Loa Volcano
Solomon Islands
Kuril Islands
Key Facts about Gulf of Mexico
Mount Marapi
Key Facts about Sea of Japan
What is the Darien Gap?
Niti Pass
Chichen Itza
Diego Garcia Island
El Niño-La Niña Weather Patterns
Alaska Peninsula
What is the Gulf Stream?
Mt Semeru volcano
Nainativu Island
Key Facts about Gabon
What is Panama Canal?
What is the Great Barrier Reef?
Key Facts about Sierra Leone
What is the Gulf of Carpentaria?
Key facts about Yellow Sea
Long Valley Caldera
Canary Island
Strait of Hormuz
What are Lianas?
Thane Creek
Key Facts about Strait of Gibraltar
Spratly Islands
Cocoa Production
Badwater Basin
Mount Merapi