What is the Grand Canyon?


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The US President made another gaffe recently when he inaccurately said that the Grand Canyon is one of the "nine" wonders of the world.

About Grand Canyon


  • Location: It is a massive geological formation located in the state of Arizona, USA.
  • The canyon was carved by the Colorado River over millions of years and exposes a stunning cross-section of Earth's geological history.
  • It cuts across the Grand Canyon National Park.
  • The 1.5-kilometer deep gorge ranges in width from 500 m to 30 km.
  • Distinct Rock Layers:
    • The exposed rock layers in the Grand Canyon represent different periods of Earth's geological history.
    • The rocks date back as far as 1.8 billion years, providing a unique record of the planet's past.


What is a Canyon?

  • A canyon is a deep, narrow valley with steep sides or cliffs, often carved by the erosional forces of a river or other natural processes over a long period of time.
  • Canyons can vary in size from small, winding gorges to massive, awe-inspiring chasms like the Grand Canyon.
  • Geological Layers: Canyons often expose layers of different rock types and geological formations, providing a glimpse into the Earth's history.


Q1) What is a cliff?

A cliff is a vertical or near-vertical geological feature characterized by a steep, abrupt face of rock, soil, or other material. Cliffs can be found in various landscapes, including coastlines, mountains, plateaus, and canyons. They are often formed by the erosional forces of water, wind, ice, or tectonic activity over long periods of time.

Source: Joe Biden Calls Grand Canyon One Of "Nine" Wonders Of The World