Butterfly EcoPark

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The Butterfly EcoPark at Chottakhola, Tripura, close to the Trishna WildLife sanctuary is the first butterfly park in the northeast and is now a major attraction for tourists from different parts of the country and also Bangladesh.

About Butterfly EcoPark:

  • It is nestled in a village near the India-Bangladesh international border in Tripura’s South district.
  • According to wildlife and environment experts, butterflies are deemed to be indicators of a good ecological balance and healthy nature
  • The park is near the endangered bison park at Trishna wildlife sanctuary and Indo-Bangla Maitri Park to commemorate the Bangladesh liberation war.

Key facts about the Trishna wildlife sanctuary

  • Trishna wildlife sanctuary is located in the state of Tripura.
  • Flora: The vegetation of the sanctuary consists of four types of forest – the tropical semi-evergreen forest, the east Himalayan lower Bhanar Sal, the Moist mixed deciduous forest and the Savanah woodland.
  • Fauna: The Indian Gaur (Bison), Deer, Hooklock Gibbon, Golden langur, Pheasants, Lalmukh Bandar, Wild Boar, Wild Cat, Leopard etc.


Q1) What is the role of butterflies in the ecosystem?

Butterflies maintain the ecosystem by acting as pollinators, prey, biological pest control, induce genetic variation in plants, and enhance environmental beauty.

Source: Tripura’s lone butterfly park is a major tourist attraction