Key Facts about Thames River

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Police in the United Kingdom said that the man who is wanted for the recent chemical attack likely jumped into the Thames River and drowned.

About Thames River

  • It is a 346-km river that flows through southern England.
  • It is the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom, right after the River Severn. 
  • The Thames’ basin covers an area of approximately 16,130
  • Its source is at Thames Head, near Kemble in the Cotswold Hills, Gloucestershire County.
  • It flows into the North Sea via the Thames Estuary.
    • The Nore is the sandbank that marks the mouth of the Thames Estuary and the confluence point of the Thames and the North Sea. 
  • The river passes numerous popular cities along its way, such as London, Reading, Hendley-on-Thomas, Windsor and Oxford, where it is also called the Isis River.
    • It provides two-thirds of London’s drinking water.
    • It has been a vital transportation route since ancient times, facilitating trade and commerce between London and other parts of England.
  • Main Tributaries: Lea, Leach, Churn, Coln, Windrush, Kennet, Evenlode, Ock, and Loddon.

Q1) Which countries border the North Sea?

The countries that surround the North Sea include the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Norway.

Source: UK: London chemical attacker may have drowned in Thames, say police