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Recently, the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and an Indian company signed the contract for building “Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems” in Delft or Neduntheevu, Nainativu and Analaitivu islands off Jaffna peninsula.

About Nainativu Island

  • It is located in the Palk Strait, the stretch of sea that separates Sri Lanka from southern India.
  • It’s close to the famous island of Delft (also known as Neduntheevu).
  • This tiny island is fairly close to the northern Sri Lankan city of Jaffna.
  • It is an important pilgrimage place for both Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Historical significance: Historians note the island is mentioned in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature where it was mentioned as Manipallavam
  • Nagapooshani Amman Kovil, a historic Hindu temple dedicated to the principal goddess of Tamil Hindus, Amman is located in this Island.
  • She is identified with the famous Tamil deity Meenakshi from Madurai from mainland India.
  • The Mahavamsa, which is literally the 'Great Chronicle', was composed by the Monk Mahanama in the 6th century A.D.
  • According to the chronicle the Buddha came to this Island, literally meaning 'Serpent Island', on his second visit to Sri Lanka, five years after attaining enlightenment.

Q1) What is a strait?

It is a narrow waterway between two pieces of land that connects two large bodies of water. A strait is similar to a canal cutting through an isthmus (a narrow strip of land), but a strait is formed naturally and canals are built by people.

Source: With China out, Indian firm to build Sri Lanka power project