Macquarie Island

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Recently, the Federal government of Australia proposed the expansion of the marine park covering Macquarie Island’s Economic Exclusion Zone.

About Macquarie Island:

  • Macquarie Island is located around 1,500km southeast of Tasmania.
  • It is the exposed crest of the 1,600 km-long undersea Macquarie Ridge.
  • This is the only piece of land in the world formed entirely of oceanic crust.
  • Macquarie Ridge is one of only 3 such ridges that impede the Antarctic Circumpolar Circulation.
  • This results in distinct differences between the west and east sides of the ridge, which are used in different ways by different species.
  • Fauna: It is home to 4 species of penguins and 4 species of albatross, the island recorded 57 seabird species.  
  • This Island and its surrounding seas are already protected as a Tasmanian reserve.
  • The area is also designated as a World Heritage Area.


Q1) What is The Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC)?

It is the most important current in the Southern Ocean, and the only current that flows completely around the globe.

Source: Penguin paradise and geological freak: Why Macquarie Island deserves a bigger marine park