Key facts about Morocco

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Recently, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck central Morocco, 72 kilometres southwest of Marrakesh.

About Morocco:

  • It is a mountainous country of western North Africa that lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • It retains much of its ancient architecture and even more of its traditional customs.
  • Morocco’s largest city and major Atlantic Ocean port is Casablanca, an industrial and commercial centre.
  • Capital: Rabat
  • It borders Algeria to the east and southeastWestern Sahara to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.
  • It is the only African country with coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Two small Spanish enclaves, Ceuta and Melilla, are situated on the country’s northern coast.
  • Major mountain ranges: Atlas and Rif
  • Spoken Languages: Arabic and Amazigh (Tamazight).
  • Religion: Predominantly Islam with a rich Islamic heritage.
  • Political System: Morocco has a constitutional monarchy with two legislative houses. 
  • Economy: The Moroccan economy remains heavily dependent on the export of raw materials.


Q1) What is a strait?

A strait is a narrow, naturally occurring waterway that connects two larger bodies of water, typically two seas or an ocean and a sea. Straits are natural channels or passages that serve as a passage for ships and marine traffic to travel from one body of water to another.

Source: Over 2,000 dead in Morocco earthquake: Aid pours in from across the world