Mount Ibu

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Recently, Mount Ibu erupted again, sending ash 4 km high, as streaks of purple lightning flashed around its crater.

About Mount Ibu: 

  • The Ibu volcano is an active stratovolcano located along the NW coast of Halmahera Island in Indonesia.
  • Ibu's activities follow a series of eruptions of different volcanoes in Indonesia, which sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and has 127 active volcanoes.

What is Stratovolcano?

  • Stratovolcano is also called a composite volcano.
  • Characteristics
    • This volcanic landform is characterized by a conical shape formed by layers of volcanic material deposited during successive volcanic eruptions.
    • These volcanoes tend to slope gently at the base but rise quickly near the summit to form tall mountain peaks.
    • They are typically found above subduction zones, and they are often part of large volcanically active regions, such as the Ring of Fire that frames much of the Pacific Ocean.
    • These are build up on height by layering lava, ash and tephra. By definition, they have alternating layers of pyroclastic and lava.
  • Examples for Stratovolcano are Nevado del Ruiz Volcano and Ubinas Volcano (Andes Mountains of Colombia).

Q1: What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?

Pacific Ring of Fire is a string of hundreds of volcanoes and earthquake-sites which runs along the Pacific Ocean. It is a semicircle or horse shoe in shape and stretches nearly 40,250 kilometres.

Source: Ash soars 4 km into sky as Indonesian volcano erupts with dramatic purple lightning