Key Facts about Mahi River

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Two youngsters died by drowning in Mahi River near Kotna village on the outskirts of the Vadodara city recently.

About Mahi River:

  • It is one of the major west-flowing interstate rivers of India.
  • It extends over the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, having a total drainage area of 34,842 
  • Course:
    • It originates from the northern slopes of Vindhyas at an altitude of 500 m near village Bhopawar, in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, and flows through Madhya Pradesh for about 120 km in a southerly direction. 
    • It then enters the south eastern portion of Rajasthan, which is the Vagad region. The river flows through the Banswara district, which comes under the Vagad region.
    • Before entering Gujarat, the river makes a 'U'-shaped loop in Rajasthan.
    • It drains into the Arabian Seathrough the Gulf of Khambhat.
  • The total length of Mahi is 583 km.
  • It is bounded by the Aravalli Hills on the north and the north-west, by the Malwa Plateau on the east, by the Vindhyas on the south, and by the Gulf of Khambhat on the west. 
  • Tributaries: The main tributaries of the river are Eru, Nori, Chap, Som, Jakham, Moran, Anas, Panam, and Bhadar.

The Mahi River has a dam on it, namely, the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam. The whole of Gujarat gets water to drink and electricity from the dam.

Q1: What is the Gulf of Khambhat?

The Gulf of Khambhat (also known as the Gulf of Cambay) is an inlet of the Arabian Sea along the west coast of India, in the state of Gujarat. It divides the Kathiawar Peninsula from the south-eastern part of Gujarat.The periphery of the Gulf of Khambhat is an extensive area of estuarine habitats. The Narmada, Tapti, Mahi and Sabarmati rivers drain into it. These rivers have deposited alluvium over large areas as the marine recession has united Saurashtra with the mainland of Gujarat. The Gulf is not very deep and has abundant shoals and sandbanks. There are extensive areas of intertidal mud and sand flats in the deltas of the Mahi and Sabarmati rivers. There are some coral reefs around small inlets in the western part of the Gulf.

Source: Two drown in Mahi river near Kotna