Pralay Missile

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Prelims: Defence & Security
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About Pralay Missile: 

  • It is a quasi-ballistic surface-to-surface missile.
  • Range: It can hit targets 150-500 km away.
  • Capacity: The missile can carry 350-700 kg of high-grade explosives.
  • It is developed by the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • It is powered by a solid propellant rocket motor and other new technologies.
  • The missile guidance system includes state-of-the-art navigation and integrated avionics.
  • It can change its path after covering a certain range in mid-air.

What are Ballistic Missiles?

  • These are launched directly into the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere.
  • They travel outside the atmosphere, where the warhead detaches from the missile and falls towards a predetermined target.
  • They are rocket-propelled self-guided weapons systems which can carry conventional or nuclear munitions. They can be launched from aircraft, ships and submarines, and land.


Q1) What is a Solid propellant?

Solid propellant is a type of rocket fuel that is made up of a mixture of a fuel and an oxidizer that are blended together into a solid form. When ignited, the solid propellant burns rapidly, generating a high-temperature and high-pressure gas that is expelled from the rocket nozzle to provide thrust.

Source: Defence forces to acquire 250 more Pralay ballistic missiles for China front