Who is a Pro-tem Speaker?

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The President has appointed Bhartruhari Mahtab, a seven-term MP from Cuttack, as the pro tem Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha.

About Pro-tem Speaker

  • Pro-tem is a Latin phrase which translates to 'for the time being' in English, and so the pro-tem speaker is a temporary speaker appointed for a limited period of time to conduct the work in Lok Sabha or in state legislatures.
  • A Pro-tem speaker is chosen for the conduct of the house when the Lok Sabha and legislative assemblies have been elected and the vote for the speaker and deputy speaker has not taken place.
  • The Constitution does not expressly use the term ‘Pro-tem Speaker’.
  • The office of the pro tem speaker ceases to exist after the new Speaker of the House is chosen.

Who selects the Pro-tem Speaker?

  • The Speaker Pro-tem is appointed by the President of India/Governor.
  • The President/Governor administers the oath of office to the pro-tem Speaker.
  • As per convention, a senior most member will be appointed as the pro tem speaker with the agreement of assembly members, who then carry on the activities until the permanent speaker is chosen.


  • Presiding over the first sitting of the Lok Sabha/ State Legislative Assemblies.
  • Administering the oath of office to the newly elected MPs/MLAs.
  • Conducting the floor test to prove the government’s majority.
  • Holding the vote to elect the speaker and deputy speaker

Q1: How is the Lok Sabha Speaker elected?

The Lok Sabha Speaker is elected from among the members of the lower house of the Indian Parliament. The Lok Sabha MPs cast their votes in a secret ballot. The candidate who secures the majority of votes becomes the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Any member of the Lok Sabha can be nominated for the position of Speaker. Usually, seniority, experience and impartiality are considered important factors in the selection of the Speaker. The Speaker holds office until the dissolution of the Lok Sabha unless he/she resigns or is removed from office by a resolution passed by a majority of all the members of the Lok Sabha.

Source: Bhartruhari Mahtab appointed pro tem Speaker of Lok Sabha