What is Air LORA?

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Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled a new air-launched variant of its Lora ballistic missile recently.

About Air LORA:

  • It is an air-launched variant of the Long-Range Artillery (LORA) ballistic missile.
  • It is designed and developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
  • It is a long-range air-to-ground missile (AGM) developed for strike missions against high-value and well-protected targets such as command centres, air force bases, infrastructure, and naval vessels in dense littoral environments.
  • With a robust warhead of various types, Air LORA enables air forces to strike enemy targets from far distances outside the reach of enemy air defences.
  • It features high survivability with advanced immune INS/GNSS navigation and strong anti-jamming capabilities, allowing for 24/7 operation in extreme weather conditions and highly contested battlefields.
  • It can be simply integrated into airborne platforms as a stand-alone configuration or through the avionics system” and is easy to operate, “with simple fire-and-forget and autonomous operation.
  • It has a very high mission success rate mainly due to its supersonic speed and its combat-proven GNSS anti-jamming system”, as well as terminal trajectory shaping and a 90° attack angle.

Q1: What are Ballistic Missiles?

A ballistic missile is a rocket-propelled, self-guided strategic-weapons system that follows a ballistic trajectory to deliver a payload from its launch site to a predetermined target. They are powered initially by a rocket or series of rockets in stages, but then follow an unpowered trajectory that arches upwards before descending to reach its intended target. They can carry conventional high explosives as well as chemical, biological, or nuclear munitions.

Source: Israel’s IAI rolls out Air Lora, a new air-launched ballistic missile