Yojana Magazine

by Vajiram & Ravi

Yojana magazine, published by the Government of India, can be a valuable resource for UPSC preparation. It offers insights into various government policies, programs, and initiatives across different sectors, such as health, education, rural development, and more. Reading Yojana Magazine can provide you with a deeper understanding of the socio-economic issues and developmental aspects of the country, which are important for both the UPSC Prelims and Mains Examinations.

Why should you read Yojana Magazine?

The Yojana Magazine is known for government policies, schemes, social issues and initiatives across different government sectors like rural development, education, health etc. Reading Yojana Magazine can help the candidates in multiple ways, such as:

  • It presents the government's point of view on issues and also provides data and analysis for the same.
  • Reading Yojana Magazine will help you in Essay writing as these magazines analyse each topic through multiple perspectives by various people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Yojana is a monthly magazine and covers a good portion of the Mains Syllabus, especially for General Studies.
  • You can also find out information about recently launched government schemes, government initiatives, policy initiatives etc., in the Yojana Magazine.

Kurukshetra vs Yojana Magazine

Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines are two distinct monthly magazines published by the Government of India, catering to different aspects of UPSC preparation.

Yojana Magazine primarily delves into socio-economic issues, government policies, and development schemes. It offers comprehensive analyses, case studies, and expert opinions on topics such as rural and urban development, healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, and infrastructure. This magazine is particularly valuable for those aiming to understand the intricate dimensions of government policies and their implications for society.

On the other hand, Kurukshetra Magazine has a specific focus on rural development, agriculture, and related sectors. It covers subjects like agricultural practices, the rural economy, agro-industry, and government initiatives aimed at rural betterment. This magazine is a helpful resource for individuals interested in agricultural and rural aspects of development. Depending on your interests and the aspects of UPSC preparation you wish to emphasise, reading either or both magazines can provide you with valuable insights into various government policies and their impact on the different sectors of the country.

Download Yojana Magazine Summary PDF

Our highly experienced team summarises each issue of the Yojana Magazine to help students help in revision. You can download the Magazine Summary through the links below: