Best Newspaper for UPSC

by Vajiram & Ravi

Which is the Best Newspaper for UPSC Preparation?”- is one of the most asked questions among aspirants, and yet there is no specific answer to this question. The UPSC Civil Services Examination places a significant emphasis on current affairs, and Newspapers cover a wide range of subjects, such as politics, economy, environment, science, technology, international relations, and social issues. This diverse coverage can help you gain knowledge on various topics relevant to the UPSC Preparation.

Best Newspaper for UPSC

While there are many newspapers available for UPSC preparation, here is a list of the top 3 newspapers that will be helpful in enhancing your performance in the UPSC Civil Services Examination:

  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express
  • The Economic Times

The Hindu

The Hindu Newspaper is like a bible for UPSC Aspirants. It provides comprehensive coverage of national and international news, making it an excellent source for staying updated with current affairs and developments happening around the world. Moreover, it offers reliable information examined by experts and verified through government sources such as PIB and PRS. You should closely monitor sections like Business, Editorials, Science and Technology, as well as Art and Culture, which provide valuable content for both UPSC Prelims and Mains exams.

The Indian Express Newspaper

The Indian Express Newspaper is another popular Newspaper among aspirants when it comes to preparing for UPSC CSE. The Indian Express is known for its investigative journalism and fearless reporting on critical issues. It provides an in-depth analysis of government policies and other pressing matters, which can help you gain a broader understanding of various topics.

Economic Times

Economic Times is known for its extensive coverage of economic and financial news, including updates on government policies, fiscal reforms, and market trends. This can help you in preparing topics related to the economy, finance and fiscal and monetary policies. The newspaper covers business and corporate affairs in-depth, providing insights into industry developments, investment climate, and entrepreneurship, which can be relevant for both UPSC Prelims and Mains exams. The Economic Times also offers detailed analysis and expert opinions on government policies, especially on the Union Budget and Economic Survey.

The Hindu vs The Indian Express Newspaper

The Hindu and The Indian Express are two prominent newspapers preferred for UPSC Preparation. While they share similarities in delivering in-depth reporting and analytical content, there are some distinct differences between the two.

The Hindu is known for its concise and objective reporting, and its language is often considered suitable for UPSC CSE Preparation. The newspaper covers a wide range of subjects, including politics, economy, social issues, and sports, with a focus on providing a balanced and nuanced perspective on various topics. The Hindu's editorial section is highly regarded for its thought-provoking opinions and analyses.

On the other hand, The Indian Express is known for its critical and investigative journalism. The newspaper is known for its bold reporting and fearless approach in covering sensitive issues and government policies.

Best Newspaper for UPSC in Hindi

When it comes to finding the Best Newspaper for UPSC in Hindi, there are not many available options in the market. Hindi newspapers possess constrained space and consequently only publish what they consider pertinent, irrespective of UPSC requirements. Consequently, the Best Newspapers for UPSC in Hindi are:

  • Dainik Jagran: One of the most widely circulated Hindi newspapers in India, Dainik Jagran covers a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, economy, and more.
  • Punjab Kesari: Punjab Kesari is known for its commitment to reporting news with accuracy and objectivity. It aims to keep its readers informed about various issues affecting society and offers a platform for diverse opinions and perspectives. 
  • Navbharat Times: Navbharat Times is the Hindi version of The Times of India and provides in-depth coverage of various topics, including politics, economy, and international affairs.

How to Read Newspaper for UPSC?

Reading the newspapers for UPSC Preparation requires a systematic and focused approach to extracting relevant information and making the most of your reading.

  • Firstly, select the newspaper known for its comprehensive coverage of current affairs and analysis. Make sure that the language written in the Newspaper is easy for you to comprehend.
  • Focus on sections such as National News, International News, Business and Economy, Editorials, Science & Technology, Art & Culture, Environment, and Governance. Relate the topics with your UPSC Syllabus and make your notes accordingly.
  • Please remember to make it a habit to read the newspaper daily. Skipping the Newspaper Reading for a day might cost you to miss out on some crucial News or Information.
  • Read actively and critically. Make concise notes of important facts, figures, names, and key points related to the UPSC syllabus. These notes will go a long way and help you integrate these facts in your UPSC Mains answers.
  • Pay attention to editorials, opinion pieces, and in-depth articles that provide analysis and multiple perspectives on current affairs. This will help you frame an independent analytical perspective in writing your Essays and Mains answers.
  • Go beyond the headlines and try to understand the context and implications of the news. Think about how it can affect governance and society. Focusing on the Backward and Forward linkages of the News and making their notes is very important, especially for UPSC Prelims Examination.
  • Review and update your notes from time to time and revise the important points regularly. This will help reinforce your understanding and aid in retention.

Benefits of Reading a Newspaper Daily for UPSC Preparation

The UPSC exam is known for its dynamic and evolving nature, and Current Affairs is an integral part of the syllabus. This makes reading the Newspaper Daily an imperative part of your UPSC Preparation.

  • Many questions in the exam are directly or indirectly related to current affairs. Reading newspapers regularly will help you stay informed about recent events, which can be helpful in answering such questions.
  • The UPSC Mains exam includes essay writing, where you are required to analyse and express your opinions on contemporary issues. Regularly reading newspapers improves an aspirant's ability to form opinions, think critically, and articulate ideas effectively.
  •  Newspaper articles often present multiple viewpoints on a particular topic. Reading diverse opinions can help you develop analytical skills and form a balanced understanding of complex issues.

Reading newspapers is an indispensable part of UPSC CSE preparation. You should make it a daily habit to stay updated with current affairs and use this knowledge to enhance your understanding of various subjects. This will help you improve your chances of success in qualifying the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

FAQs on Best Newspaper for UPSC

Which is the best newspaper for UPSC?

The best Newspapers for UPSC are The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economic Times and Dainik Jagran, Mint and a few others. While choosing the Newspaper, it is very important for you to consider if the language being used is easy to comprehend by you.

Which newspaper is better, Hindu or Indian Express?

The Hindu and Indian Express both are prominent Newspapers in the field of UPSC Preparation. While The Hindu is known for its neutral, unbiased tone in conveying the News to its reader, Indian Express is known for its interrogative and journalistic investigation. Overall both Newspapers are easy to read and comprehend and can help develop analytical skills for UPSC Mains Examination.

Is reading one newspaper enough for UPSC?

Yes, one newspaper is more than enough for UPSC preparation. Using multiple Newspapers will lead to information overload, making it challenging to retain and manage vast amounts of data.

Which editorial is best for UPSC?

The Hindu and Indian Express are well known for their analytical and informative Editorials. They offer a balanced view and cover a wide range of subjects relevant to the syllabus.

Can I qualify the UPSC Exam without reading the Newspaper?

A serious aspirant must read the newspaper as the UPSC exam demands a deep understanding of socio-economic issues, current events, and the latest government schemes. Current affairs play a significant role in all three stages of the UPSC CSE.

How much time should be dedicated to reading the Newspaper every day?

You should read and complete the newspaper in two to three hours daily. After going through the Newspaper, you should compile a list of important issues and search for all the backward and forward linkages related to those topics.