UPSC Previous Year Question Papers: Prelims and Mains Paper PDF

by Vajiram & Ravi

Making it through the Civil Services Exam requires the right strategy, immense amount of hard word, sincerity and dedication. However, the enormous hard work done by one would bear the required fruit only when done in the right direction and for this one needs to know the pattern of questions asked in the UPSC CSE Exam. Thus it becomes inevitable to refer to Previous Year UPSC Papers to keep track of the changing trend of UPSC IAS papers and head your preparation in the right direction.

An aspirant’s aim is always to crack the UPSC IAS exam and not just gain knowledge. Here is where the previous year papers play an important role. They are an authentic source to know the pattern of questions asked in both the UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains exam. On analyzing these papers, you get an idea about weightage of different topics and the number of static and dynamic questions being asked over the years.

Also, solving previous year UPSC papers will help you manage your time as you would know exactly what to study and how much to study. Self-assessment is very important for a UPSC aspirant and here again solving previous year papers along with mock tests would help assess one’s performance well.

Finally, “Practice Makes A Man Perfect”. So, solve more and more Previous Year UPSC Papers for better understanding of the exam pattern and nature of questions asked.

UPSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers

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Essay Previous Year Question Papers

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