VTS - Mains Test Series

by Vajiram & Ravi

To see a list of Topics covered by the VTS Mains Test Series, please download our Mains Match 2022 PDF

About VajiramTest Series

Drawing on our decades of experience with the UPSC Civil Services Exam process, we at Vajiram & Ravi have developed the V&R Mains Test Series (VTS) Programme to streamline aspirants' preparation and get them ‘Mains-ready’ for the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023 and 2023-24. The focus of the Programme is to aid  aspirants in the Art of Answer Writing.


The V&R Mains Test Series Programme for 2023 and 2023-2024 includes both full-length and sectional Tests that help students in their holistic and thorough preparation, along with revision, time management and dedicated preparation for the UPSC Civil Service Main Exam.


There are four separate V&R Mains Test Series based on varying Test Series Programme lengths, objectives and structures:


  1. VTS - EXCEL (15+ months) Mains Test Series 2023-2024 Schedule:
  • Phase 1 (before Prelims): 8 Sectional Tests + 4 Full-Length Tests
  • UPSC CSE Prelim Test 2024
  • Phase 2 (after Prelims): 8 Sectional Tests + 4 Full-Length Tests
  1. VTS - UPGRADE (9+ months) Mains Test Series 2023-2024 Schedule:

12 Tests (8 Sectional Tests + 4 Full-Length Tests)

  1. VTS - FOCUSED (3+ months) Mains Test Series 2023 Schedule:

12 Tests (8 Sectional Tests + 4 Full-Length Tests)

  1. VTS - SPRINT (3+ months) Mains Test Series 2023 Schedule:
  • Phase 1: 4 Full-Length Tests
  • Phase 2: 1 Essay Test + 4 Full-Length Tests (as per the UPSC Main Exam Schedule)


How will the Vajiram Test Series Help you?

Aspirants sign up for the V&R Mains Test Series each year in an effort to raise their answer writing efficiency and chances of clearing the Main Exam. For all top rankers, our Mains Test Series has grown to be a crucial resource.

V&R Mains Test Series will help aspirants to:


  • Master the art of writing answers
  • Revise the syllabus comprehensively
  • Enhance contextual, structural and language competency
  • Strengthen understanding and conceptual clarity
  • Strategise the preparation with mentor support and guidance
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Get detailed feedback, explanation classes & model answer papers


Evaluation Methodology:

The answer sheets are evaluated using the "Competency Prism (Contextual, Succinct, Relevant, Meaningful)," i.e., the guidelines that are followed for evaluating any answer sheet, by our team of experienced evaluators and reviewers.

  • Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions:
    • Concepts
    • Structure
    • Language
  • Focus is on giving students useful feedback that is answer sheet specific so they may understand exactly what earned them those marks and what didn't.
  • Answer sheets are evaluated using a tiered system that offers many levels of assessment and cross-checking to improve the evaluation's depth.


Evaluator - Reviewer - Final Markup


Mentor Support and Guidance


In order to develop the best approach possible with the assistance of an expert team, mentors will evaluate performance and fine-tune strategies by:


  • Recognising strengths and offering suggestions on how to build on them.
  • Pointing out the shortcomings and suggesting ways to improve them.
  • Assisting with individualised strategic planning to strengthen the Main Exam preparations.
  • Aid with answer writing strategies and advancement.


Mentor support is offered in offline, online, and telephone modes.


Why Choose Vajiram Test Series

It takes persistence and talent to become a master of the art of writing answers. Aspirants are unable to utilise their knowledge when answering to Main Exam Papers, even when they possess all the necessary knowledge.


With our Mains Test Series, we intend to help the aspirants overcome the challenges that they face:

  • Foundational understanding of how to structure an efficient answer
  • Comprehensive coverage of significant national and international issues pertinent to the CSE (Mains) Exam 2023 and 2023-2024
  • Ability to prioritise their knowledge
  • Time management skills to answer all 20 questions in three hours
  • The practice of writing continuously for three hours
  • Ability to think critically and holistically
  • Necessary presentational skills to use charts, graphs, and maps when relevant

Admission Details

  • Complete the Admission Form
  • Upload a clear passport size photo
  • Upload your ID Proof
  • Upload PAN card of the aspirant or parent
  • Pay fees online (kindly check the online transaction limit with your bank)


Modes of Payment

  • Net Banking (Preferred)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • UPI



To know how Mains Mock Tests can help you improve your marks obtained in the Main Exam, request a counselling call-back



Technical Requirements

For Vajiram App on Google Play Store:

Minimum Android Version: 7 (Nougat)

RAM: > 2GB (Recommended)

Storage:  300 MB

Please Note: Screen recording is disabled on videos only


> Vajiram IAS App is also available for Apple (iOS) devices.


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