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Anthropology Optional LIVE-Online Course

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

25th June 2024




24 Weeks


Rs. 50,000 (Incl. GST)

Course Time

7:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Anthropology Optional LIVE-Online Course

About Anthropology Optional Online Coaching

Our Anthropology Optional Online Coaching Program, has been designed to provide comprehensive guidance and support for one of the most sought-after optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Anthropology is a multidisciplinary field that delves into various aspects of sociology, archaeology, biology, and primatology, offering a deep understanding of human evolution and society. With its intriguing blend of humanities and sciences, anthropology enriches our awareness of ourselves and our society, making it a fascinating subject to study.

Our program covers both Paper I and Paper II of the Anthropology optional.

  • Paper I explores the methodologies and research approaches used to study social structures, religion, economic systems, and more.
  • Meanwhile, Paper II delves into Indian Society and Tribes, addressing cultural diversity, contemporary challenges, and government initiatives for tribal development.

Anthropology is renowned for its logical and analytical approach, making it both scientifically rigorous and highly accessible. The knowledge gained in anthropology can also serve as a foundation for understanding various topics in General Studies, while its multidisciplinary perspective is invaluable for the Essay paper.

By enrolling in our Anthropology Optional Online Coaching Program, you'll not only enhance your academic knowledge but also cultivate essential qualities like awareness and compassion, which are vital for aspiring civil servants.

Features of our Anthropology Optional LIVE-Online Programme

  1. In-depth exploration of concepts and theories accompanied by real-life examples and case studies drawn from everyday experiences and current affairs, facilitating a deeper understanding and practical application of the learned principles.
  2. Interactive teaching methodology featuring extensive discussions and interactive "Q&A sessions," fostering an engaging learning environment that transcends traditional teacher-student dynamics.
  3. Integrated study approach encompassing both Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabi to broaden comprehension beyond the confines of individual papers, promoting a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Holistic approach to intra-syllabus discussion, emphasizing the interconnectedness of different units within each paper, facilitating a cohesive understanding of the subject matter.
  5. Simplified explanation of technical terms and jargon using clear and understandable language, ensuring accessibility to all students regardless of their prior knowledge or background.
  6. Emphasis on cultivating an anthropological perspective to analyze and address dynamic and contemporary issues effectively, equipping students with the skills to tackle diverse questions with insight and clarity.
  7. Comprehensive coverage of Physical Anthropology in an easily understandable and accessible manner, ensuring thorough understanding and retention of key concepts.
  8. Integration of discussion on previous year's papers alongside classroom lectures, providing valuable insights and exam-oriented preparation strategies to enhance student performance.
  9. Curated study material derived from diverse and relevant sources, consolidated into a single comprehensive handout by experienced faculty members, offering students a comprehensive resource for effective preparation.

Benefits of Online Classes for Anthropology Optional

Online coaching for anthropology offers numerous benefits, including enhanced understanding, interactive learning, comprehensive coverage, clear explanation of concepts, development of an anthropological perspective, thorough coverage of Physical Anthropology, exam-oriented preparation, structured support system, and curated study material. These benefits collectively contribute to a more effective and efficient preparation for the Anthropology optional subject in UPSC examinations.

  1. Enhanced Understanding: Online classes for anthropology optional provide an opportunity for intensive discussions on key concepts and theories, supplemented with relevant examples and case studies from everyday life and current events. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of anthropological principles, allowing students to grasp the subject matter more effectively.
  2. Interactive Learning Environment: These classes adopt an interactive methodology, placing significant emphasis on discussions and Q&A sessions. This interactive approach transcends traditional teacher-student relationships, fostering engagement and active participation among learners.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: Online coaching integrates the study of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabi, offering an inter-syllabus discussion to broaden understanding beyond the confines of individual papers. Additionally, a holistic approach to intra-syllabus discussion connects different units within each paper, promoting a cohesive understanding of the subject.
  4. Thorough Coverage of Physical Anthropology: Online classes provide easy and lucid coverage of Physical Anthropology, ensuring comprehensive understanding and retention of key concepts related to human evolution and variation.
  5. Exam-Oriented Preparation: Discussion on previous year's papers alongside classroom lectures helps students gain valuable insights and exam-oriented preparation strategies. This approach enhances student performance and boosts confidence in tackling examination questions.


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