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Mathematics Optional LIVE-Online Course

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

25th June 2024




30 Weeks


Rs. 60,000 (Incl. GST)

Course Time

7:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Mathematics Optional LIVE-Online Course

About Mathematics Optional Online Coaching

Our Mathematics Optional Online Coaching is tailored specifically for UPSC CSE aspirants seeking to harness the scoring potential of this subject to excel in their examinations. With its objective and consistent method of research and problem-solving, Mathematics stands out as a less unpredictable choice compared to humanities subjects. This makes it an attractive option for engineers, science backgrounds, and Mathematics graduates, leveraging their technical mindset for success.

In these classes, we prioritize a thorough understanding of theories and concepts as the cornerstone of preparation. We emphasize the three pillars of preparation: reading, revision, and assessments, to ensure comprehensive readiness. While occasional questions may require theorem proofs, particularly in Paper II, the ability to develop theories and theorems from concept to proof is paramount.

Moreover, the recurrence of questions from previous years adds to the strategic advantage of opting for Mathematics. Its detachment from current events offers a respite from the demands of General Studies, while also positioning aspirants favourably in the Interview stage.

Check: UPSC Maths Optional syllabus

Features of our Mathematics LIVE-Online Programme

  1. Online classes: 2.5 hours/day, 6 days/week.
  2. Covers full syllabus of Paper I & II.
  3. Expert lectures encourage engagement.
  4. Study materials include clear handouts and notes.
  5. PYQ discussion at the end of each chapter
  6. Tips and Tricks shared to solve the questions within the given stipulated time period.

Benefits of Online Classes for Mathematics Optional

  1. Good Scores: Mathematics online classes provide structured practice opportunities, allowing students to hone their problem-solving skills and improve their accuracy. With regular practice and guidance from experienced instructors, students can achieve high scores in Mathematics, enhancing their overall performance in competitive exams.
  2. Predictable Syllabus: Joining Mathematics optional online coaching ensures that students are well-prepared for the predictable syllabus of the subject. Online classes offer comprehensive coverage of all topics included in the Mathematics syllabus, enabling students to anticipate and effectively tackle exam questions.
  3. Consistent Scoring: Mathematics online classes emphasize understanding key concepts and mastering problem-solving techniques, leading to consistent scoring patterns. By following a systematic approach to learning, students can minimize the variability in their scores and achieve more reliable results in competitive exams.
  4. Plenty of Study Material: Online coaching for Mathematics optional provides access to a wealth of study materials, including textbooks, practice questions, and supplementary resources. This abundance of resources ensures that students have ample material to reinforce their understanding and practice extensively for exams.
  5. Suitable for Background: Mathematics online classes cater to students with diverse backgrounds, including those with a strong foundation in mathematics or a background in science and engineering. The structured curriculum and personalized guidance offered in online coaching can help students leverage their existing knowledge and skills to excel in Mathematics optional exams.
  6. Recent Success: The success of candidates opting for Mathematics optional in recent UPSC exams highlights the potential of joining online coaching for this subject. By staying updated with the latest exam trends and strategies, online classes empower students to emulate the success of past candidates and achieve their academic goals.
  7. Also Useful for IFoS: Mathematics optional online coaching not only prepares students for the Civil Services Exam but also equips them for the Indian Forest Service (IFoS) exam. The comprehensive coverage of mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques in online classes ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle the mathematics-related components of both exams, expanding their career options.


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