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Philosophy Optional LIVE-Online Course

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

7th July 2024




20 Weeks


Rs. 50,000 (Incl. GST)

Course Time

5:30 PM to 08:00 PM

Philosophy Optional LIVE-Online Course

About Philosophy Optional Online Coaching

Philosophy, derived from the Greek words "philo" meaning love and "sophia" meaning wisdom, delves into profound inquiries about existence, morality, and knowledge. As the cornerstone of all disciplines, philosophy holds the esteemed title of "the parent of all disciplines," offering a gateway to understanding the interconnectedness of human thought and inquiry.

In the realm of UPSC examinations, the Philosophy optional subject stands as a beacon of intellectual exploration. Despite its concise nature, the UPSC Philosophy syllabus offers a comprehensive journey through philosophical concepts. With a carefully structured layout, Paper I and Paper II seamlessly intertwine, providing aspirants with a holistic understanding of philosophical principles.

Our Philosophy Optional Online Coaching provides a platform for aspirants to engage deeply with philosophical ideas in preparation for the UPSC exam. Through interactive sessions and comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, students will gain invaluable insights into the complexities of philosophical inquiry.

Features of our Philosophy LIVE-Online Programme

  1. Classes conducted for 2.5 hours, 6 days a week in LIVE-Online Mode.
  2. Full coverage of the Optional Subject Paper I & II syllabus is delivered through lectures
  3. Professional and subject-matter experts deliver lectures.
  4. Comprehensive study materials comprise handouts and notes from class that contain lucid explanations and up-to-date information.
  5. Previous Year Questions discussion at the end of each topic.
  6. Answer writing practice to prepare you for UPSC Mains.

Benefits of Online Classes for Philosophy Optional

Benefits of Philosophy Optional Online Coaching:

  1. Short and Precise Syllabus: Philosophy Optional online classes offer comprehensive coverage of the shortest and most precise syllabus among all optional subjects. With focused instruction and targeted resources, students can efficiently navigate through the syllabus, ensuring thorough preparation within a shorter timeframe.
  2. Accessible to All: Philosophy Optional online coaching welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, regardless of prior experience or knowledge in the subject. By providing foundational concepts and clear explanations, online classes ensure that every aspirant can engage with philosophical ideas effectively.
  3. Enhanced Thinking and Writing Skills: Through Philosophy Optional online coaching, students develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and originality in thought. The interactive nature of online classes fosters insightful analysis and encourages students to express their ideas confidently, leading to significant improvements in writing abilities.
  4. Wider Application Across Exams: Beyond the confines of the optional subject, Philosophy Optional online coaching equips students with interdisciplinary perspectives applicable to various sections of the UPSC exam. From CSAT to Essay and Personality Test, the insights gained from studying philosophy enrich students' performance across multiple exam components.
  5. Preparation for Ethics Paper: Philosophy Optional online coaching prepares students to tackle the challenges posed by the Ethics paper with confidence. By delving into the fundamental principles of ethics, online classes empower students to navigate ethical dilemmas and articulate well-reasoned responses in the exam.
  6. Relevance to Essay Themes: Philosophy Optional online coaching familiarizes students with philosophical themes that frequently appear in essay questions. By exploring topics such as Democracy, Justice, and Environment, online classes ensure that students are well-equipped to address essay prompts with depth and clarity.
  7. Life Orientation and Interview Preparation: Philosophy, or Darshan-shastra, serves as a guiding light in life orientation and interview preparation. Philosophy Optional online coaching instills a profound outlook towards life, enabling aspirants to approach interview questions intelligently and with profound insights.
  8. High Success Rate: With a consistently high success rate compared to other optional subjects, Philosophy Optional online coaching has proven to be a reliable choice for UPSC aspirants. By offering structured guidance, expert instruction, and comprehensive resources, online classes pave the way for aspirants to achieve their academic goals effectively.


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